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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits


The Bible Reading, Devotionals & Theology portion of this site moved to Lean-into-God.


     This website started in 2006. It combined my passion for the Bible and the things of God with my interest in video editing. However, I knew people wanting to find resources for their walk with the Lord would not be searching for a website called Yukon Angel Productions. Therefore, on 9/24/14 I started the move to create two websites replacing the one. The theology portion of this website has moved to Lean-into-God.

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Post Production

     Many people enjoy taking pictures and shooting video. While I do occasionally take pictures and shoot video, what I really enjoy is post production. Lily and I have done weddings, but I prefer not to make myself a nuisance to get a good shot. I really think the Wedding Planner is the most important person at a wedding. Friends and family can supply all the needed pictures and media to preserve memories.

     I enjoy tweaking the media my clients send me and putting it all together so camera cards, CD's and DVD's can escape forgotten drawers and closets and come to life.



     I try to craft my client's videos to the music they provide. If they give me a slow song their video will reflect that song and likewise if they give me a fast song then their video will be much more upbeat. A client's music choice becomes the framework within which I make their video.

     Music copyright legislation requires me to request that my clients supply the music they want used for their project. Sometimes you can upload music videos to YouTube or Vimeo without any problems. Other times it gets pulled immediately or even months later. So far I have had no problems sharing music videos from Google Drive with family and friends. Note recent video below.


Remember, if your pictures are out of focus sharpening can only do so much

up to a point ... leveling can make a really big difference in dark pictures

but blown out pictures have no information to tweak

So if your pictures are in focus and not blown out than much can be done to make a nice picture great

Even small pictures, if sharp, can be enlarged and made usable

Grandchildren are God's gift to Grandparents

I cannot describe the incredible benefits of family videos

I encourage my kids and anyone who will listen to use their cell phones, cameras, camcorders to frequently - yes frequently, capture daily as well as special events, focusing on people more than landscapes and inanimate objects. When you grow older the memories will return when you watch the old family movies again and again. You will discover that life is defined by relationships so do your best to preserve people and relationships for your memories and the memories of your loved ones.

Yukon Angel Productions is first and foremost a family website. If you don't have the time or inclination to turn your pictures into family videos then let me help. I know the importance of preserving and sharing family memories.

  •  You can send me your media via Google Drive, Drop Box or other online storage.
  •  Let me know how you want it delivered; usually the same way you send it.
  •  Want your videos on YouTube or Vimeo? Don't know how? I can do that for you.
  •  Simple slideshows or complicated After Effects projects are available.
  •  I charge $50 an hour. Most one song videos (45-70 pictures) will cost between $150 and $200.
  •  However, most videos in the Video Slider are for sale.
  •  If you like the format, the price is at the end.

  • Remembering old friends and special times is one of the best reasons to make videos.

    I will never forget when we first came to Oregon in 1988. We came around a turn on the I-5 and there was Shasta, filling up the windshield. I got out of the car and almost cried because it was so beautiful. The air was so light compared to Texas and every other other state we've lived in.

    I was born in Florida and I've wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest since seeing pictures in the school library. I think I was 12 then. That love for the Pacific Northwest has only grown.

    Elmer Dalton is a life long friend I first met in Odessa Texas in 1981. He was born in Coos Bay Oregon. When we came to Oregon he wanted to take us snow mobiling. This old man has forgotten a lot of stuff, some good and a lot bad, but our time at Crater Lake with Elmer ... everyone should have memories like that.

    The pictures aren't so good, but this video helps me remember what a great time we had.



    Liam and Brodie dance to Pink

    In the summer of 2014 my grandsons Liam and Brodie were not yet three years old, but their Dad caught this video on his iphone of the boys dancing to Pink.

    A year later I still get a kick out of watching them dance. Now they are almost four, Brodie rides his bike without training wheels, prefers Classical music and they both have their own tractors.

    Modern cell phones can do a wonderful job of capturing priceless momenst that you only get a shot at once.

    One of the nice things about posting your videos on Vimeo is that you can hide them from the public. In my case, the only way someone can watch my videos is if they come to my web site.