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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits


The Bible Reading, Devotionals & Theology portion of this site moved to Lean-into-God.



     This website started in 2006. It combined my passion for the Bible and the things of God with my interest in video editing. However, I knew people wanting to find resources for their walk with the Lord would not be searching for a website called Yukon Angel Productions. Therefore, on 9/24/14 I started the move to create two websites replacing the one. The theology portion of this website has moved to Lean-into-God.

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Post Production

     Many people enjoy taking pictures and shooting video. While I do occasionally take pictures and shoot video, what I really enjoy is post production. I think the Wedding Planner is the most important person at a wedding. Friends and family can supply all the needed pictures and media to preserve memories.

     I enjoy tweaking the media my clients send me and putting it all together so camera cards, CD's and DVD's can escape forgotten drawers and closets and come to life.


     I try to craft my videos to the music. Slow song, slow video, fast song, fast video. Music choice becomes the framework within which I make a video.

     For those who would like me to make them a video from their pictures, video clips, etc. you will have to supply me with the music, even if I already have the CD. Music copyright legislation requires me to request that my clients supply the music they want used for their project.

Recent Videos

Ryan & Crystal 2015 Christmas Greeting

Ryan and Crystal have had a full year. This video is their 2015 Christmas Greeting to family and friends.

Ryan Nicholson Birthday

I have four sons; Tom, Ryan, Chris and Spence. Ryan's birthday is October 14. I told Ryan I wanted to do a video for his birthday. I asked him to send me some pictures. So he sent me pictures of Porsches. That's Ryan. So most of these pictures are a blend of my old pictures and pictures Ryan's bride, Crystal, sent me.

When Ryan was a little boy he talked about wanting to get married and have a family. Well, Ryan married Crystal on September 15, 2001. Now he has the family he always wanted; a beautiful wife and three children.

So Ryan, I hope you have a great birthday and I hope you like this video.

Lily Marlene Adams Birthday

My bride for almost 32 years, beautiful, kind and tender-hearted. God has used her many times to help me understand how God loves.

It is unbelievable to me that she doesn't understand why I love her. This video is just another attempt to make her understand how grateful I am that God allowed me to marry His daughter.

If every spouse would see the other first as God's child it might help us all to respect one another more.

Autumn Nicholson Birthday

Autumn Nicholson, our first grandchild, turned 12 on September 19. I try to maake her a video every year on her birthday.

Now that she has a new brother and sister we don't want her to think we don't love her just as much.

Isn't it great that one candle can light a million more and remain just as bright! There's enough love for all of us if we'll just release it. What we hold tightest to our chest owns us, not the other way around.

Chris Nicholson Birthday

Chris Nicholson's family is celebrating September 12, 2015, Chris's birthday. His bride, Melinda Nicholson, and his two daughters, Ellie and Bailee are excited for any excuse to show him some love. If they can't come up with an excuse like a birthday or father's day or Christmas then they just love on him anyway.

Actually, his parents and I'm pretty sure even his three brothers love him too.

Liam and Brodie Play Baseball

My grandsons Liam and Brodiely turned 4 in July. They are into Soccer and swimming and now they try their hands at Baseball.




Wok On Wata

I made this video for fun. I make a lot of videos for family and friends and occasionally non-profits and private clients.

It took 355 pictures to make this video. They all had to be photoshopped and enlarged to 1920 x 1080. Many were taken with the old $6.99 Instant Cameras we bought at Walgreens and Kmart many years ago. The video is deliberately fast, as I said for fun. Hopefully it is fast enough to hide many old and poor pictures.



Ellie Nicholson Meets Bruce Springsteen

We were at Disneyland on 10/20/15 with half of our sons and their families. That night we came across a man playing a guitar. He was selling CD’s. Melinda shot a little video with her iphone, but it was dark and her video was only 568 x 320. This video has been enlarged to 1920 x 1080. I used levels to lighten the video as much as I could to at least make Ellie visible. I got the Bruce Springsteen video from YouTube Bruce Springsteen VEVO. It was 640 x 480 so I had to enlarge it to 1920 x 1080. This effort is for Ellie’s parents and grandparents, family and friends.