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Yukon Angel Productions

Video Services for Family & Non-Profits


The Bible Reading, Devotionals & Theology portion of this site moved to Lean-into-God.



     This website started in 2006. It combined my passion for the Bible and the things of God with my interest in video editing. However, I knew people wanting to find resources for their walk with the Lord would not be searching for a website called Yukon Angel Productions. Therefore, on 9/24/14 I started the move to create two websites replacing the one. The theology portion of this website has moved to Lean-into-God.

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Post Production

     Many people enjoy taking pictures and shooting video. While I do occasionally take pictures and shoot video, what I really enjoy is post production. I think the Wedding Planner is the most important person at a wedding. Friends and family can supply all the needed pictures and media to preserve memories.

     I enjoy tweaking the media my clients send me and putting it all together so camera cards, CD's and DVD's can escape forgotten drawers and closets and come to life.


     I try to craft my videos to the music. Slow song, slow video, fast song, fast video. Music choice becomes the framework within which I make a video.

     For those who would like me to make them a video from their pictures, video clips, etc. you will have to supply me with the music, even if I already have the CD. Music copyright legislation requires me to request that my clients supply the music they want used for their project.

Recent Videos can be found in the Video Sliders